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We are all about promoting women's cycling. 
We want to encourage women everywhere, of every ability, to enjoy the 
FUN, FREEDOM and FRIENDSHIP of Cycle Bunnies. 
Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome to join our exciting friendly team of members.

During the summer of 2013 I found myself in a position of total freedom, aka single and unemployed.

I spent a lot of my time cycling around our beautiful countryside contemplating my next move into the world of work, enjoying the sunshine and trying not to think about my mortgage.

Then, an opportunity arose to organize a cycling event. RAPHA (the cycle clothing brand), were looking for people to volunteer to arrange and lead a 100k cycle ride, in their location, exclusively for women, which would be held on the same day across the world with the aim of celebrating women's cycling.

I took this on with great enthusiasm and the result was an amazing, gloriously sunny 100k ride with great company around our beautiful Trough of Bowland.

After the event it was suggested to me that we should do more...I responded and bunny adventures began.

Helen (Chief Bunny) x
Helen (right) and Lisa' ('chief bunny' and 'bunny 'M'' second in command, and who brings an energy and enthusiasm that is tangible, she's also loud enough for both of us).
Bunnies 'Chief' and 'M'
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